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Holy Shit, LMAO, that was Bad-Ass. Thank god I'm immune to emotional scaring. If someone would air this on nick, it would be so awesome.

Ok 1234567890

The awesome thing is begining to wear thin with me. It was funny the first couple of times but its pretty much the same thing.

That was freaking awesome

it was very well made and realistic. I just love bullettime effects. As the guy before me wrote, this is like the flash equivalent of an action lover's wet dream. You deserve the full 10/10 5/5. nuff' said.

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There are levels.

To Khanh93 right bellow me:

Either your web browser sucks or you're an idiot.

Great game

Creative and well done. The only problem I have is the lack of instructions. If that was what you were going for, it didn't work.

For the people having problems with the controls, here they are:

Menus and Intermission screen:
To skip, move the cursor counter clockwise (like the circle in the middle)

Level 1:
the sperm points at the cursor, move the cursor left and right (from the sperm's perspective) to simulate wave motion with the flagella(tail).

Level 2:
Separate the colors into three groups.

Level 3:
Move the cursor around the thing to make it move left or right. Deppends if its a clock wise or counterclockwise motion

Level 4:
Wrap the line around the small circular things and guide them to the mouth.

Level 5:
The large yellow organ makes him move, and the 2 heart-like organs on the left and right make the creature turn respectivelly. Just put your cursor over one.
Eat as many of the little things to beat the level.

Level 6:
The creature follows your cursor. Just try and bump into the other one.

Level 7:
Same as before but mostly unresponsive. Try and stay near the water until it ends.


Very Awesome. Release downloadable version.

P.S. I found a bug. In one level I shot to the ceiling a portal and when I entered the other one, I apeared on top of that portal, outside(on top) of the room.

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Very nice, although I feel like its missing something. Out of curiosity, what software do you use? Its very hard to find quality samples, specially those of brasses.

MaestroRage responds:

Yes this song is missing a good climactic build up, and an appropriate ending. An ancient song, one I still hold close to my heart :')

As for the samples, this one was made largely from Edirol Orchestral, with the odd sample here and there from East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold. Now I just use East West.

I know exactly what you mean... Brass is incredibly difficult to find for some reason. The closest I came to finding some decent ones are Project SAM's Brass collection. Check it out if you'd like!

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


hey ork101, I think it sounds like something out of doom because it IS.

Awesome, but not totally

I thought it was great. I know Im a bit late in writing a review that matters, but it does feel like its missing something. Probably some more instruments other than percussion and guitar, or maybe it has too little or crappy percussion. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to hear an enhanced version of this. If you can't make it, I wouldn't mind making it...

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